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What are Display Ads Campaigns – Categories & Advantages

The first display ads campaigns, which was a little banner ad for AT&T, was published in the year 1994. The numbers of Display Advertising have significantly increased since then, and now there are billions of ads on the internet. An average internet user sees more than 60 ads per day.

Advertising a product or a service using visual images or banners which stand out from the rest of the website is referred to as Display Ad Strategy. Although display ads can vary in size and style, they are all placed on the 3rd party websites and when clicked they forward you to the company website. Moreover, website cookies policy used to make sure that everyone sees the relevant ads.

Working of Display Ads:

Design is the first step to publish a Display Ad Strategy. Ad builder tools are used to create an attractive banner that may contain images, text, and animations. The next step is to scale the flag into numerous ad sizes.

Different sites usually require different sizes of display ads campaigns to attract the audience. The next step is to publish the advertisement, ad providers like Google ads used to do this. Now each ad provider has a specific list of ad sizes that should be followed.

Finally, you’ve to keep track of your ads for better results which include ad costs and their effectiveness. You can also choose the location of users to whom your ads will be displayed.

Categories of display ads campaigns:

  • Brand Awareness:

This is the essential use of display ads; Brands pay ad companies to show their brand name and products to as many related customers as possible. Display Advertising s make it easier to put the word in the relevant person’s ear as compared to newspapers and journals.

Consider a brokerage firm wants to publish an advertisement if they post this ad through newspapers or periodicals, not everyone who buys a publication wants to trade. But if they release the same ad using online Display ads, the Ad provider will use cookies and various other techniques to show it to the person who’s already searching online for trading.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

It’s the case when a website promotes a specific brand’s ads. Thus, when a customer clicks through the link and purchases a product, the promoting website generates some revenue.

  • Retargeting:

In this kind of campaign, display ads campaigns are presented to the viewer according to their previous searches. All the search engines and social media are connected in this era. Thus, if you use Google search several times for some clothing, you will see the relevant ads about the dress on your social media and on some websites you open.

Measuring your display ads campaigns:

Getting the most favorable results from your ads depends upon the kind of the campaign and which metrics are you using to run your campaign. These metrics have been utilized to give statistical results about your ads and show whether your ads are partaking into an increase in the revenue or not. The most common parameters used are impressions, reach, CTR, and ROI. Impressions of a particular ad describe how many times your ad was seen on websites.

Reach is the number of unique visitors to Display Advertising who’ve seen your advertisement. Click-through rate (CTR) represents how many times users clicked the ad. Return on investment (ROI) shows whether your ad campaign is working correctly and bringing in some revenue or it is causing some loss.

Advantages of display ads campaigns:

These ad campaigns are measurable; you keep track of your whole campaign using chosen metrics. It is the best way to show your ads to the relevant audience. You must have seen fitness equipment ads on a website that gives workout guide, and if you open a healthcare site, you will see some healthcare product ads. Images and animations add the best visual effects to these ads, which help to attract an even more significant number of customers.

Display marketing as Display Ad Strategy is the best way of remarketing, which is to recoup a client who has frequented your website but didn’t make an order.  Moreover, there are also various options available to pay for the ad cost so you can choose the one which suits your campaign.


Display ads campaigns is a much easier way to advertise your brand as compared to classic newspaper or TV ads. Its various features make it very promising for bringing customers. Although these campaigns have been a great success overall over the past 25 years, still a person can get very annoyed if he sees too many ads on a webpage which led to the creation of Ad Block software.

The number of Ad Block users has been continuously increasing for the past ten years. The effects of Display Ad Strategy to some extent. But still, these ads campaigns are the best option to advertise a brand.

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