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Things you should know about Video Marketing and its types

You might have heard of using video marketing for your business. But what exactly is it?

Why should you be using it for your business? And where and how can you start video marketing? 

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is simple. It is using video to promote your product, service, or Brand. Different types of videos like how-to videos, explainer videos, entertainment videos, etc are used for strong marketing campaigns.

Why is video important? You might be falling behind if you aren’t creating videos. The rawer and simpler your video will be the more authentic it seems. That is exactly what your audience wants.

Why should you use video marketing for your business? 

According to a survey, 77% of businesses believe that video marketing is a good Return on Investment (ROI). The other 94% of businesses believe that it increases the understanding of the service or product.

Customers nowadays are much more interested in viewing the video of the product rather than reading about it. So, businesses are more willing to use video as a marketing device. 

Businesses use videos on their social media posts, blogs, landing pages, and even emails to support their marketing campaigns. 80% of them believe that What is video marketing campaigns are great tactics to bring in the required Return on Investment (ROI).

Few of the Tips for Video marketing and why we should use this marketing method:

  • Video builds trust 
  • It engages even the laziest buyers
  • Video marketing can explain everything
  • Social Shares for this are encouraged
  • Videos appeal to almost everyone
  • SEO, Google Loves Videos (Most important)

How to start Video Marketing?

Success comes when something is planned carefully and then those plans are executed till the end.

First and foremost is to determine your goal. What is your goal? Is it to increase sales? To become word of mouth? Or is it to get more social media followers?

You should be clear about your goals. Different goals require different What is video marketing strategies and bring out different results. To get more social media followers you will need to develop an attractive advertisement with dedicated hashtags and a series of videos. To Increase sales, you will need to create an explainer video or a demo that could be published on your landing page.

Once the goal is decided now you will plan your Video(s). 

Different types of videos that are effective for marketing:

As we have talked earlier about different videos for different goals, now we will talk about the type of video content for your goal. 

  • Explainer/How-to videos: These types of videos are perfect for home service companies. If someone is not familiar with a DSLR or a laptop and is looking for quick help in their home. A video is a great way to show them how to do it. It will get easier for them to follow the steps one by one rather than in a written step to take.
  • Vlog: a video blog is typically filmed by one person in front of a camera. A vlog usually describes someone’s personal experience or thoughts about a specific topic or product.
  • Interviews: Interview videos spotlight one or two people answering questions. The interviewee will be a celebrity that the audience already knows or someone they don’t know but enjoy hearing from.
  • Interviews: These videos are beneficial for Consumers who want to buy products without consulting their friends or people around them. Your audience feels as if they are getting an honest review from someone they trust. That’s why a product review video is usually very successful.  
  • Tutorials/Demo: There is nothing better than a tutorial or demo when people want to know about a product. Whether it’s a complicated explanation, a casual video, or a highly produced demo reel, it depends on the product and persona. 
  • Product tour: These videos are short commercials that highlight your product’s/service’s best feature. Most people who visit your website for the first time would want to know how your product/service will be useful in their lives. They avoid reading a bunch of text rather more interested to watch a video or pictures. 
  • Social videos: These videos are made in a catchy way. So when they are uploaded on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat with links and hashtags the audience stops by to see it even if the sound is off. This strategy brings many customers to your website.
  • Testimonials:   these videos are of happy customers expressing their good experience with the product/service. Testimonial helps in increasing the confidence of an intended buyer.

 The things that make your video(s) for marketing success:

  • Video’s center should be around the story, not the sale.
  • It should be short and to the point.
  • Use good humor in the video rather than being boring.
  • Tag the video and Use it to optimize the SEO
  • Prove yourself and educate your customer through your video.

Tips for your Video Marketing:

Tips for Video Marketing Keep your audience in mind

  • Start with what you have; even a phone camera
  • Tell a story 
  • Start with what works
  • Keep the platform in mind on which you will be sharing.
  • Plan for the small screen; mobile-friendly
  • Always keep an eye on the inspiration for new ideas

The Bottom Line:

In the end, everything comes down to the strategy; If you want video marketing to have a good result then you should plan, analyze, test, and test again. The goal of your video is to tell a story and attract your audience. But your videos must be set to your sales funnel.  

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