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Everything you need to know about Pinterest marketing

As a view of the fact, there are already several social media networking platforms. A fresh newbie has gotten her feet into the ground of the thriving business of social media, named Pinterest, and no doubt she has created a lot of buzz about her.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest a virtually oriented website that has gained a lot of attention mostly from the woman and now capturing attention from businesses and savvy marketers. It allows individuals to upload images on boards where they can share content with friends and followers. Analogously the new visual direction that Facebook timeline’s offer, Pinterest is also visual.

Since a lot of people don’t know how Pinterest works, it got a reputation for being full of pictures which are not true. Pinterest has to lead way through all the storms and turned out to be the rapidly growing social media site.

What is the Pinterest audience like?

Pinterest is almost used by more than 200 million active users around the world. In the early days we have seen a large number of women audiences engage with Pinterest because of arts and crafts, and all butterflies and kitten stuff although the audience picture is changing now, men are also active participation in using Pinterest. It offers all age group source of entertainment.

What are the hot topics on Pinterest?

The thing about Pinterest is that you can potentially spend hours on browsing photos and videos, breath-taking sceneries, travel inspiration, beautiful decors, and whatnot. It covers almost everything. Any kind which has visual appeal can do wonder on Pinterest. Info graphics also have hype on this site.

Retailers and manufacturers, in particular, are finding that Pinterest has been a hub to give the ideal shop window for their wares. Popular categories of Pinterest includes interior décor, design, arts and crafts, food and drink, photography, beauty, fashion, fitness, jewelry, and accessories.

What’s special about Pinterest for businesses?

Seeing Pinterest doing so well in the current period many marketers and manufacturers are trying to take a high road with Pinterest by sharing and providing content that’s too irresistible to pass. The reason why marketers want to be on this platform is a gigantic number of audiences present on Pinterest. As we recently got to know that almost 90% of the users look onto the content from Pinterest before making any purchase.

Additionally, it also creates referral traffic for grasping attention easily; perhaps it’s quite small in comparison with other networking sites so it is easier to stand out of the crowd, if you are offering something exceptional.

How Pinterest is Addictive?

The creators make this as a graphic hub for media, turning out the simplistic design is its secret weapon and images are the center of attention. Many Pinterest users try to avoid excessive drama on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest is free from all cruel initiatives. WARNING:  Pinterest can become addictive!!

Thinking to get started with Pinterest?

If you are planning to get along with Pinterest there’s nothing much to do, simply create a board on of your choice reflecting your interest, browse the website, and get pinning. Pinterest goodies tabs allow you to drop your favorite images into a bar with the Pin It button.

Pinterest also allows you to follow others, like, comment on and you can repin what they post. As with all social networking sites, there are guidelines to follow on Pinterest – or Pin Etiquette.

Why Pinterest is best for Businesses Who Seek Growth

Those who are trying to understand all the basics and know-how to set up their business on Pinterest we got you some amazing tips

Let’s look into how Pinterest works to help you market your business, build a brand, and generate more sales.

Pinterest helps you to Drive Targeted Traffic

If you are tired of spending gobs of money on advertising and still haven’t gathered the number of traffic then you are probably doing wrong. Pinterest, as compared to other sites helps you to gather a bulk of traffic if you are doing it right and know how to use Pinterest correctly.

Pinterest doesn’t misguide the user

Fast-growing internet doesn’t mean that every source will be authentic that’s why still so many people are hesitant about making an online purchase. However, in the case of Pinterest, it majorly destroys a common sales barrier, as it acts as a visual search engine and takes users directly to the relevant source. Simply means people using Pinterest pin are having higher chances of luck to convert into a lead or a sale.

Pinterest Lets You Generate Real Engagement

The great thing about the Pinterest website is, it is filled with good and organic content and mostly no scams or hidden frauds in it. The target audience trust on recommendation mostly suggested by many. For better acknowledgment, you can make pins and get seen by the desired audience and many chances are also to go viral on social media. Pinterest brings real engagement from real people.

Pinterest Lets You Get In Your Audience’s Mind

Every newbie who wants to start their business is wanted to target what their audience wants? But Pinterest makes it quite simple by giving you some measures of audience likes and dislikes? Always having an insight into what’s trending and where your audience interests can help you customize your areas to target and to work better on your products and services.

Some targeted Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Everything is about great strategy nowadays, if you are having an amazing strategy to pull off for your business you are already there, sharing some of them

  1. Signing in for a business account.
  2. Choosing the precise categories for your content.
  3. Use up exceptional images and videos.
  4. Extraordinary keywords.
  5. Trending hash tags to your content.
  6. Share your content on other social media sites.
  7. Try to engage with other accounts.
  8. Best practices of social media.
  9. Analysis of your work.


Pinterest offers a large social network with an endless supply of ideas on each topic and literally, offers a room for everyone. For a business to flourish either small or large one like IKEA etc, it almost operates like a shop window which simultaneously helps in increasing and driving referrals and sales both. Despite the fact you want Pinterest for business purposes or not, you are more than welcome to make the most out of this powerful site.

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